ClassBank English Cognition & Instruction Corpus

Timothy Koschmann
Department of Medical Education
Southern Illinois University


Curtis LeBaron
Marriott School of Management
Brigham Young University


Participants: 20
Type of Study: classroom recording
Location: USA
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5RC7B

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Project Description

This corpus includes transcripts linked to video from three problem-based learning (PBL) sessions with medical students. The three segments include:

1. My Theory: An attempt to diagnose a patient evidencing aspects of anomia, dysphasia, and some motor control problems.
2. Thrills: A group attempt to characterize precisely the meaning of a “thrill” in the circulatory system.
3. Risks: A consideration of the relative risks of x-ray and CAT scans.

The first segment was the focus of a special issue of Discourse Processes {Koschmann, 1999 #9609}. All three segments were discussed in further detail in Koschmann and LeBaron {, 2002 #9612}. The transcription format is CA-CHAT.