ClassBank Corpora
ClassBank ClassBank Corpora

This page provides an index to TalkBank ClassBank data.

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Corpus Description Contributor
APT academically productive talk SERP
Bradford School lessons on cultural literacy in Washington DC. Angela Bradford
Cognition&Instruction Problem-based learning in medical school Tim Koschmann
Crowley Exploration of electricity in a science museum Kevin Crowley
Curtis Second-grade geometry lessons Carmen Curtis
DISPEL Recordings in a tutorial game environment to study dysrhythmic phonation (DP). Nikolinka Collier and Gina Joue
Frederiksen Statistics tutoring. Carl Frederiksen
Graesser Research methodology tutoring. Arthur Graesser
Greeno/VanDeSande Math lessons. James Greeno and Carla van de Sande
Horowitz Lessons on camels. Rosalind Horowitz
JLS Lessons on statistical graphing. Anna Sfard and Kay McClain
MacWhinney Lectures on Psychology Research Methods Brian MacWhinney
Moschkovich Math word problem solving. Elaine Moschkovich
Person Statistics tutoring. Natalie Person
Rahm Museum lessons on the color of the sky. Jrene Rahm
Roth Geograph lesson. Wolf Michael Roth
Stevens Architecture discussions. Reed Stevens
TIMSS-Math Classroom recordings from 7 countries, each in a separate .zip file. James Stigler
TIMSS-Science Classroom recordings from 5 countries, each in a separate .zip file. James Stigler
Warren Teachers' discussion of gravity. Elizabeth Warren